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Expositie: Szpilmann Award
datum: 9 mei t/m 7 juni 2009 - opening: 9 mei om 17:00 uur
The Szpilman Award is the only known award exclusevily for ephemeral art worldwide. Fortunately this award challenges attraction more and more. Artists around the globe take an interest in the Szpilman Award. The aim of awarding this prize is to establish and intensify ephemeral art. After five years working on it, Szpilman wants to notify publicly this art form. Ephemeral art is known, but for a better understanding and attentiveness it is important, to see, watch, hear, learn, and experience. In temporary and commercial art market classic art forms (like painting, sculpture etc.) are primarily welcomed. In view of supporting and boosting artists woking in ephemeral art Szpilman likes to work for a major understanding. For this reason it’s time to go out and open public awareness: The Szpilman Award Team starts several shows in Europe in 2009, ‘Szpilman Award Shows Best of’. Artists selected from the annualy Szpilman Award Shortlist are presented with existing or new works. In some galleries a wide range is shown, in another gallery only one artist is presented. All exhibitons are linked to each other, several are exactly at the same time.