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datum: 12 OKTOBER T/M 25 OKTOBER 2009 - opening: 17 okotber om 17:00 uur
DADA Diner: 17th October Saturday 18:15 Exhibition: 12th - 25th October Kevin Immanuel (Canada) invites you to join the DADA Diner, as a peak to the parallel exhibition that takes place from 12th October at the Rc de Ruimte Gallery. \"Dada expects nothing except from itself…...dada is the edge of the universe……dada is the centre of consciousness when consciousness is real….dada dances in every moment…....dada is dialectic….dada is deconstruction…..dada is difference….\" KI (1) Performances, installations, photographs, lectures, sound, writings and more to discover on the walls and in the moment. With the artists: Suzanne van Rest (Netherlands), Ruben van Klaveren (Netherlands), Amanda Koelman (Netherlands), Sander van Wettum (Netherlands), Julio Pastor (Mexico), Johanna de Schipper (Netherlands), Kelly Kerssens (Netherlands), Lado Darakhvelidze (Georgia), Frank von Dada (Switzerland), Omar Koubaa (Netherlands), Chelle Reyes (England), Christoph-Both Asmus (Germany) Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio (Dominican Republic) Organised by Kevin Immanuel (Canada), coordinated with Joop Stoop (Netherlands) and Lieke Wagemaker (Netherlands), assisted by curator Emilie Oursel (France/Netherlands), in collaboration with Dada words. Eat some chocolate Wash your cerveau Dada Dada Drink the water Leave everything Leave Dada. Leave your wife, leave your mistress Leave your hopes and your fears. Sow your children in the corner of a wood Leave the substance for the shadow…. Set out on the road. Tristan Tzara, + Andre Breton yes more painters, yes more writers, yes more musicians, yes more sculptors, yes more religion, yes more democrats, yes more royalists, yes more imperialists, yes more anarchists, yes more bishops, yes more c.e.o.’s, yes more trade, yes more elephants, yes more laws, yes more silicon, yes more Dupont, yes more satellite televisions, yes more ads, yes more butter, yes more administrators, yes more armpit hair, yes more tests, yes more orders, yes more governance, yes more missiles, yes more republics, yes more constitutions, yes more money……..enough of all these imbecilities, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. (Louis Aragon)